Vasectomy Myths Debunked

vasectomy-myths-debunked-blogHistorically many men and many scientific investigators had concerns about the impact of vasectomy on a man’s overall health, sexual health, and hormonal status.  These were classically reasons that made men very weary of undergoing vasectomy.  The good news is that based on the best scientific studies available, the American Urological Association (AUA) has made its stance on such concerns clear in the AUA Guidelines on Vasectomy.  From an overall health standpoint, this guideline statement clearly states that vasectomy is not a risk factor for prostate cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, dementia, and testicular cancer. From a sexual health standpoint there is no evidence that vasectomy causes erectile dysfunction, reduced or absent orgasmic sensation, decreased ejaculate volume, reduced sexual interest, decreased genital sensation and/or diminished sexual pleasure.  And finally, from a hormonal standpoint, there is no evidence of significant effects of vasectomy on testosterone levels.  That all being said, you can proceed with your vasectomy with peace of mind that these are only myths that have now been debunked!