Dr. Kavoussi lectures on surgical treatment for testicular pain

One of the most common reasons for male patient visits at the urologist’s office is chronic testicular pain, defined as testicular pain lasting 3 months or longer.  In men with chronic testicular pain there are some situations when an identifiable cause is found and can be addressed and other times that despite a thorough history, physical examination, urine testing, and imaging studies a cause is not identifiable.  In either situation there are times where more conservative treatments can be helpful or even resolve the issue, but when those measures fail, surgical therapy is typically indicated.  Dr. Kavoussi is an expert in surgical treatment options for men with chronic testicular pain with years of experience in performing these technically meticulous, yet minimally invasive surgical procedures to improve men’s quality of life and eliminate or reduce pain, which he performs week in week out.  Dr. Kavoussi is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio and lectured on this topic and these surgical techniques to the urology residents training there.