Treatment for adults with retractile testicles causing discomfort

Many men suffer from a process known as a hyperactive cremaster muscle reflex.  The cremaster muscle is a cylindrical muscle that surrounds all the important structures to and from the testicle, such as arteries, veins, nerves, lymphatic channels, and the vas deferens.  Many men have a hyperactive cremaster muscle which results in the testicle vigorously retracting up to the groin to the extent that these men actually have to press the testicle back down to the scrotum.  In men with this condition, this typically occurs during intercourse, exercise, getting in and out of cars, or other physical activity.  It can significantly impact the man’s quality of life, to the point that they avoid these activities.

Fortunately, there is a very effective minor surgical treatment known as a microsurgical subinguinal cremaster muscle release, which releases this muscle to prevent this vigorous testicular retraction.  Dr. Kavoussi is one of the pioneers of this operation, which is performed through a ½ inch incision in the groin, and he presented his data on outcomes of men undergoing this procedure.  In his series, 100% of men had resolution of testicular retraction with this surgical technique.  His data was presented at the 2019 American Urological Association national meeting in Chicago with over 15,000 urologists in attendance for the conference.