The ACVVR team publishes study on spermatic cord denervation for men with testicular pain

Testicular pain is a very common complaint seen in the urologist’s office.  Unfortunately, it has been overlooked in the medical research literature as well as misunderstood in the clinic.  The physicians at ACVVR have published previous research articles exploring treatment and further understanding of this difficult medical problem.  In men with no infection, trauma, torsion, or other anatomic source for chronic testicle pain, it has been discovered that the problem is typically on a microscopic level with changes in nerve structure.  The team at ACVVR are recognized leaders in treating chronic testicular pain due to this nerve change with a minimally invasive day surgical procedure known as a microsurgical spermatic cord denervation and have offered their patients a great deal of success by curing the pain.  The team recently published another study on this procedure to help further advance the science and clinical utility of microsurgical spermatic cord denervation.