Multiple medical journals recognize Dr. Kavoussi as a top peer-reviewer

Dr. Kavoussi, an expert in vasectomy reversals and vasectomy, is a peer-reviewer of studies submitted for publication to over a dozen medical journals. Making sure such studies are performed in methodologically sound ways is crucial to the advancement of medical science in a way to ensure the validity of results of these studies so we are applying the correct data to clinical practice to help provide the best care for our patients. Dr. Kavoussi was recognized as a top reviewer by multiple scientific journals including Urology Gold Journal, European Urology, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, and the Asian Journal of Andrology. Dr. Kavoussi states, “This is a very important aspect of what I get to do on a weekly basis. It let’s me help make sure that well done studies are being published to shape how we provide the optimal care for our patients.”