Dr. Kavoussi serves on the executive advisory board of RAMSES advancing the use of robot assisted microsurgery.

Dr. Kavoussi has been a leading advocate for the use of robotics in the assistance with microsurgery, such as with vasectomy reversals. He states, “adding the precision of a machine to the skill and knowledge of anatomy and tissue handling for microsurgery has significantly advanced the field. Robotics provide the surgeon certain technical and ergonomic surgical advantages which just cannot be achieved with the use of an operative microscope and human hands.” As one of the early advocates for the application of robotics for microsurgery, Dr. Kavoussi has helped lead the movement for this technology. “Robotics have been used for surgery for decades now, but replacing the operative microscope for fine microsurgical procedures which require magnification has been a recent change which gives us and our patients some advantages”, he states.

Dr. Kavoussi became specialty credentialed in robotic microsurgery by the Robot Assisted Microsurgical and Endoscopic Society (RAMSES) in April of 2011, after spending time training in Florida. As a leader in the field, and currently having performed the second highest volume of robot assisted microsurgical vasectomy reversal in the world, Dr. Kavoussi accepted a seat on the executive advisory board of RAMSES in 2014, in which he continues to be active. RAMSES is a very unique robotic microsurgical group with multispecialty surgeons from around the world. It includes urologists, gynecologists, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons, and vascular surgeons; all with a common goal, to advance the use of robotics in microsurgery to help serve patients who need fine, meticulous microsurgeries which are performed in very small spaces. To learn more about RAMSES click here.