Dr. Kavoussi serves as panelist to discuss mail out/home semen testing following vasectomy

Over 500,000 men in the United States undergo vasectomy annually as their preferred form of contraception. A crucial step in confirming that a vasectomy is successful is obtaining a post vasectomy semen analysis following the vasectomy, typically obtained 2 months after vasectomy. Several companies have developed at home or mail out semen analysis for men wanting to confirm their sterility following vasectomy. As an established expert in vasectomy, Dr. Kavoussi was selected as a panelist and lecturer to discuss the merits and limitations of at home and mail out semen analysis following vasectomy. Ultimately, he concluded that with the current techniques for these tests, a formal semen analysis to confirm sterility following vasectomy leaves no doubt in accuracy and meets the criteria outlined by the American Urological Association guidelines for best practice for vasectomy, much more so than mail out or at home tests.