Dr. Kavoussi publishes study on anatomic difference in men with testicular retraction

A common cause of testicular pain and overall sense of discomfort in men is what is known as a hyperactive cremaster muscle reflex. When this occurs in a man, it causes the testicle to retract very high up in the groin, at times even out of the scrotum, causes discomfort or pain and is quite bothersome for men. It most commonly occurs during heavy lifting, strenuous activity, exercise, sexual activity and in cold temperatures. The testicle commonly descends down to the dependent portion of the scrotum in hot tubs or showers. There were not great options for treating men struggling with this difficult situation until the advent of the microsurgical cremaster muscle release. A minimally invasive, microsurgery to release the cremaster muscle to put an end to the retraction and discomfort. Dr. Kavoussi performs these procedures regularly and while doing so, he anecdotally noticed the muscle in men with retraction appeared thicker than in men undergoing surgery in the same area for other reasons who do not have retraction. He ultimately measured the muscles in men undergoing cremaster muscle releases versus other types of surgery through a similar approach and found the muscle in men with retractile testicles was 4 times thicker than those without retraction so an anatomic difference in men with cremaster muscle hyperactivity has been identified.

To read the entire study, click here…  https://journals.lww.com/ajandrology/Fulltext/9900/Cremaster_muscle_thickening__the_anatomic.51.aspx