Interest in vasectomies spiked since Roe v. Wade overturned by Supreme Court

Interest in vasectomies has skyrocketed since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last week.

A cursory look at Google Trends shows searches for the word “vasectomy” jumped on the morning of June 24, which was the day the Supreme Court’s ruling came down.

There was a staggering increase of over 850% for the search term “where can I get a vasectomy,” according to preliminary data collected by Innerbody Research, a telehealth and health research company.

The top two states where people searched for the term were in Texas (No. 1) and Florida (No. 2), an Innerbody Research spokesperson told FOX TV Stations.

What’s more, searches for the term “vasectomy side effects long-term” was up 4,950% and the top states that contributed to that increase were Utah, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma.

And it’s not just web browser searches that are seeing a spike in interest in vasectomies. Doctors, too, are seeing an increase in vasectomy consultations at some urology and fertility clinics.

Doctors in both red and blue states see an increase
Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, a reproductive urologist at Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Austin, Texas, said he’s seen a significant jump in interest for vasectomy consultations since last week.

“I’ve been practicing in Austin for 12 years and there is a high volume in general. On average, we get maybe eight requests for consults for new patients a day. But since last Friday’s decision, now we’re averaging over 100 a day, it has been insane, which I get,” Kavoussi told FOX TV Stations.

The ages of people asking for vasectomies ranged from single men in their 20s, to married men in their middle ages and older.

But according to Kavoussi, who can only speak for his clinic, there is a noticeable increase among single men in their 20s seeking this procedure.

“I’m seeing men in their 20s who have no children calling about a consultation, which isn’t abnormal, but there was an increase,” Kavoussi said.

His usual vasectomy patients are married men who’ve already had children and/or their wife experienced a very treacherous pregnancy and they want to avoid it altogether.

And Kavoussi said many of the men who are now seeking these vasectomies are only doing so because of last week’s Supreme Court ruling.

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